Lush The Enchanter Bath Ballistic

Lush The Enchanter hallowen bath bomb

Carrying on with all Halloween things today I thought I would share with  you what I am calling my witch-y bath! 

 When I was totally SLS-free Lush Bath Bombs were something I knew I could treat myself to that were fun and didn't of course contain SLS.

The Enchanter Bath Ballistic (£3.20 - here) is a limited edition Halloween product that casts a magical spell over your bath. I dropped this large bath bomb in my filled bath and watched it spin and fizz colours of yellow, then orange and then finally pink - pretty amazing to watch!

Once you get into your magical bath the different colours/fizz do seem to somewhat disappear but the bath water does stay bright orange. Like bathing in Irn Bru! I'm sure this is something kids would love!

Lush The Enchanter Bath Bomb ballistic

The scent of the Enchanter Ballistic is definitely my favourite part of this bath bomb. The Frankincense and zingy orange scent really does fill the room and is quite relaxing. The scent is the exact same as last years Halloween ballistic - Skullduggery.

But... there is a but! The different colours in this bath bomb are pretty amazing however the pink dye stains! It stains the skin whilst in the bath and it also stains the bath... which for me makes no sense at all! You have a bath to relax and to get clean, not get dirty and have to start cleaning after your bath. So whilst having a bath and noticing I had pink marks on my arms and legs I grabbed my exfoliating gloves and removed them whilst in the bath, then cleaned the marks around the bath as I let the water out. Not too much hassle but not what I was expecting and I'm thinking if you didn't have anything scrubby to hand then you would have to have a shower to remove the pink marks from your skin and clean the bath afterwards - quite annoying. 

So really I am in two minds about this bath bomb. I loved the smell and how it transformed my bath but the pink dye really was too much!

As a one off this is a fun treat or if you have children then they are sure to think this is the best thing ever

Fee xo.

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