Christmas is Coming!

Red Christmas magazine

Can we talk about Christmas yet?!
As soon as the clocks go back and I receive my December/Christmas issue of Red magazine I go in to Christmas mode. As you can see by my 2008 December copy of Red magazine I do quite like Christmas... just a small bit!  

I really doubt my love of Christmas will be swayed as I get older, just because I love everything about Christmas; it just seems a more magical and exciting part of the year. Also my love of Christmas has only been aided in recent years by my blog. I get so many ideas for posts come November and December - gift guides, gift set reviews, giveaways etc. 

Just yesterday I was looking back at my achieves and re-discovered a series of posts called 'Bloggers Unwrapped' a series of Christmas-y interviews with different bloggers. So if you want a bit of a Christmas fix definitely have a read of them here. I will be doing the interview series again this year - in fact I have already started planning it

Let the Christmas posts commence! 

Fee xo. 

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