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Ever dreamt of having long luscious hair that has style, body and the swish-factor? I know I do all of the time and I actually have long hair that I take care of. 

The reason behind my lusting for beautifully styled hair is because I haven't been to the hairdressers in many years now. I do actually cringe at that fact but in my teens I just have too many bad experiences when it came to visiting the hairdressers. 

I now really do believe from experience finding a professional and suitable hair salon is locational with the best being hairdressers in London. Finding a professional hair stylist that knows what they are doing really is the key.

hair 2012 catwalk

When looking for hair inspiration I always find myself looking at the hairstyles of models on the catwalk. I really have been enjoying recently looking at long hairstyles with that added extra, it may be hair braids, hair accessories or ombre. Again, ombre hair just isn't something I would risk trying at home as I really would like a subtle ombre effect that really could only be achieve by someone professional and not just me with my included free brush, painting peroxide onto my hair!

On the subject of hair dying my current hair is currently a deep auburn/brown shade and has been for the past two years. I swing from brand to brand when it comes to home hair dyes searching for 'the one' that will give me a deep rich colour that won't go dull within a few weeks. But ideally I would love to go quite a few shades lighter similar to the hair of the model in the top image.

hair london 2012

I do however have one advantage when it comes to my hair and that is the length of it! Gone are the days when I use to ponder over going to the hair salon to have it cut to my shoulders. Now I really do embrace it and love using hair tools on it to either make it look super sleek or tousled. 

However if you do desire long luscious locks similar to the models above it is one area that cannot be achieved over night. Growing your hair does take time and by time I am sadly talking, years. I personally found using the correct hair products especially SLS-free shampoo to speed up my hair growth and also minimising the amount of heat I used on my hair.

You can however add instant length with hair extensions which I did actually use before growing out my hair in my late teens. Hair extensions really are everywhere now in different shades and textures, even different attachments though high quality hair extensions in London would be the way to go if you wanted to achieve the most realistic results.

I would love to hear your own experiences - do you visit the hairdressers? If so, how often and how did you find the right one for you? 

Also I would love to know who your current hair inspiration is! Mine for the past few years has been Kate Beckinsale. 

Fee xo.

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