Everyone Loves Weleda Skin Food!

Weleda Skin Food 

I have recently been trying out Weleda Skin Food and now I understand why it racks up so many awards each year! 

This is definitely a winter skincare product that isn't a moisturiser as I imagine but a thick balm that is to be applied sparingly over areas that are super duper dry. This stuff really means business and cures any dry patches within a day if you apply it a few times. 

Just to try it out when I first received it I applied it to my neck (quite a small amount but rubbed it in up my neck) and then went to bed. Now the skin on my neck is soft anyway but this just made the skin feel so different, soft like it had never been before! That was just to try it out but really this is for them really dry areas in winter, elbows, hands/cuticles, even as a super hydrating treatment if you apply it to your hands before bed and wear gloves or apply it to your heels and toes and wear socks. This will literally work miracles. I'm tried it wearing socks and my heels just felt so much softer the next morning - this is definitely going to be a pre-holiday prep step next month. The balm can also be used on the face if you do have any very dry patches, but you really would have to have quite dry skin to apply this to the face as it is so hydrating.

But the best thing of all is the price. For a small 30ml tube it is only £4.95 (Look Fantastic - here) or you could just purchase the full size 75ml tube for £6.55 which makes more sense (Amazon - here). 

Really it is the most hydrating cream I have come across! 

Fee xo.

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