Models Own Wonderland Collection + Swatches

Models Own Wonderland Collection

After the wonderful Mirrorball collection (you can see my swatches here & here) I was quite surprised Models Own bought out some more glitters with the Wonderland collection. Dare I say it being a huge glitter nail polish fan but I feel it is maybe a little too soon after and especially for a Christmas collection. 

But hey-ho I will embrace it as there are some amazing glitter polishes in this range and I love the nails of them all!

 The collection consists of 5 glitter nail polishes - Snowflakes (top left), Northern Lights (middle), Jack Frost (right), Blizzard (holographic lilac) and Southern Lights (chunky silver glitter). As usual all polishes as £5 each (here or in Boots depending on stock ) or you can buy the full set plus a clear top coat (handy for making glitters extra shiny and smooth) for £20 online - here.

I instantly knew I had to try out Northern Lights which is described by Models Own as 'a fine holographic multi-tonal glitter in a pink finish'. This for me is Juicy Jules (one of my favourite Models Own nail polishes) but in a different shade, the same goes for Southern Lights which has a lilac hue to it.

Models Own Wonderland Collection pics

As will most glitter nail polish this was easy to apply and in the swatches above I applied two coats with no base. I would say two coats doesn't make it fully opaque so you would either need to apply 3 coats or use a base nail polish in a light shade. Comparing it to Juicy Jules it is less opaque however Northern Lights does have a slightly more smooth finish to it... you can tell I am addicted to my glitter polishes can't you?!

I did try my best to take accurate images of Northern Lights however it was actually too sunny believe it or not! But you do get an idea of the holographic-ness of it on my little finger in the above image, this really is one of those polishes that just dazzles when you move your fingers and looks out of this world under artificial lighting.

Models Own Wonderland collection swatches

As for Snowflakes (top left in the first image) which is described as 'a mesmerising transparent mix of white gold flakes' it i basically fake snow in nail polish form... actually I did read that nail polish like this is actually the same fakes that artifical snow is made out of, so it does make sense that it looks like snow! This applied over a pale or white base definitely looks festive and quite different as it almost has a 3D effect to it, but trust me, try this over a dark nail polish like a deep berry or black and this just comes to life! 

Jack Frost (top right in the first image) is probably my least favourite in the collection. It is described as 'a wash of iridescent soft sparkle in a translucent cloudy base'. Now don't get me wrong this can be a lovely nail polish however it is one of those glitters that if it catches the light in the wrong way the glitter particles look yellow and so if you are using a white or nude base your nails can look not so great. But in direct light the glitter does look lovely. I am probably over critical now when it comes to glitter nail polishes so I'm sure many will love this! 

More swatches to come from the range once Halloween is over with and the collection is more appropriate! 

Fee xo.

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