Fantasy Shopper - The New Addictive but fun website!

Fantasty Shopper

Have you ever been on your favourite clothing website and done a little fantasy shopping? Filling your basket up to the max, looking at it with lustful eyes, then proceeding to empty it and checkout with just the odd item. 

I will admit I have done this on several occasions on various retail websites! But help, or should I say indulgence is on hand for this pastime in the form of Fantasy Shopper.

Fantasy Shopper is a relatively new website where to you can purchase items from different stores (think all the major ones and more) and put together outfits - something I have been really enjoying actually! 

At any time you can actually go through to the website the products are sold on and actually purchase the products for real. Quite tempting when you discover products you normally wouldn't spot because you just don't visit the website it is stocked on.

For example here are some of my favourite 'fantasy purchases' so far! That lovely Mango jacket at the top - only £34.99. The very cute Harrods purse - amazingly only £5.95 and even the large bag is £19.95. All of these items I have totally missed whilst browsing on line... I mean I didn't even know Harrods sold bags and purses like that, I just remember the traditional green Harrods shoppers when I visited the store some years back now and I am certainly surprised at the affordable price of them. Harrods Southbank Tote bag you are now on my Christmas wish list!

So along with Fantasy Shopper being a bit of fun and not to mention the ultimate tool for procrastination it really is a handy website to discover items you may not normally come across online. 

Fee xo.

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