Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Dot Com Gift Shop

Firstly I have to apologise for talking about Christmas so often, I'm sure I will get over my festive phase soon and calm down. But for now I'm in Christmas mode! 

Last week I placed an order with Dot Com Gift Shop as they had a lot of Christmas decorations on sale, you can find the sale here. I purchased four styles of decorations; two of each (all £1.00). I'm in love with the wooden heart decoration, it has a lovely Scandinavian look to it, and each of the silver decorations have little bells on them.

I also bought a silver Christmas gnome!!! He was £9.95 (here) and only stands 20cm so he is quite small, smaller than I would have liked, but he is still lovely and can be put out not just at Christmas. I also purchased two zinc garlands with 'Home' (here) and 'Noel' (here) lettering for only £1 each - bargain! 

I don't normally purchase Christmas decorations on-line but I just couldn't resist these! 

Fee xo.

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