Muji Makeup Storage Setup + Cheaper Alternatives

Muji Storage

Months & months ago I mentioned my Muji acrylic storage and how much I love it, but since then I have added to it and changed it around. 

I'm really pleased with which storage options I went for so I thought I would go though it. 

For quite some time before I purchased proper storage and not just Glossy boxes for my makeup I was struggling to keep it organised and tidy. I also just wasn't using half of what I had due to everything being stored in boxes. But for some reason I saw it as a splurge; spending money on what are practically clear plastic storage boxes. 

However after reading reviews and working out how much it would cost I decided I needed some. I decided to see it as an investment as I will always own quite a lot of makeup and the storage will hopefully last me a long time. I actually know of bloggers that are still using their Muji storage after 15 plus years! 

Muji Acrylic Storage

All the storage here cost me £29.90 (though I worked out I could have saved £5.00 buying a 2 drawer unit). This did house quite a lot of my everyday makeup so for just under £30 I was really pleased. 

What I purchased - 2 x Acrylic box 1 drawer wide (£7.95 each - here), 1 x Acrylic box 1 drawer with flip-top lid wide (£8.50 - here), 1 x Acrylic desk pot 3 partitions large (£5.50 - here). Total - £29.90

(EDIT 2016 - I've recently added to my setup with something I picked up from eBay for only £8.80... this looks incredible like Muji storage and I love how it looks! You can find my review post of it here!)

The top flip-up drawer contained blushes, bronzers and highlighters. Middle - foundations, concealers and primers. Bottom - eyeshadows, gel eyeliners, eye primers and brow products.
Then in the 3 section desk post - mainly eye brushes in one, face brushes in the middle and then eyeliners and mascara squished into the last one.

My main problem though was that I still didn't have anywhere to store lipsticks/lipglosses and I didn't have room to store any palettes so I was keeping them stacked up by the side of the storage... which wasn't such a good idea with a curved glass table as they kept falling off the end!

Muji makeup storage

Arghhh no, look at my mucky fingerprints all over the drawers! One of the drawbacks to pretty acrylic storage.

After a few months of having the Muji storage and enjoying how organised it kept my makeup I decided to double what I had so that I could store lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes... and also have a random drawer for lipbalm, correctors and face sprays. 

I added to my storage set-up - 1 x 2 drawers wide (£10.95 - here) and 1 x 1 drawer wide (£7.95 - here). Total  - £18.90

This now houses pretty much all my most used makeup that I like to have the choice of day-to-day. I did really need an extra drawer to store lip glosses, however I didn't want the storage to be too high or both towers to be equal in height so I purchased a £3 glass sweets jars to store some of my favourites in (you can see what that looks like here).

One thing I really love about this storage is that you can see and know where everything is when you are sat applying your make-up which saves on a lot of time. Also I have found myself using different products because I know when things aren't getting used as often. For once when I do make a mess I can easily tidy up as everything does have a place. Plus it is easy to switch up makeup - for example I have just changed my bright summery lipsticks for more rich berry shades. 

If you are thinking about investing in Muji Storage I would suggest really working out what drawers would be best for you and thinking about what would go where before purchasing. 

Or opt for more affordable acrylic storage from eBay here.

I'm now off to clean the makeup fingerprints from my drawers haha! 

Fee xo.
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