Ghoulish Halloween Goodies from Lush

Lush Halloween products 2012

It is nearly Halloween! So I have some spooky specials coming up in the form of product reviews and nail art. 

Over the past few years I have actually got quite in to celebrating Halloween; dressing up, going to Halloween parties and last year I carved my own Pumpkin and discovered how disgusting the inside of a pumpkin actually is - ergh.

But whether you stay in (and ignore the treat-or-treaters mwahaha) or go out, it is really fun to try some Halloween treats - in the form of Lush Halloween products... and also sweets, my favourites have to be Haribo!  

 The three limited edition Halloween products from  Lush are - Twilight Shower Gel (£4.25/100g - here), Calagas Shower Jelly (£3.25 - here) and The Enchanter Bath Bomb (£3.20 each - here).

The shower jelly is just great! It smells of lime and sweets and is such a fun product... did you spot the scary face in the jelly? But I cannot wait to try out The Enchanter bath bomb as it has a lovely zingy citrus scent to it and is supposed to change colour as it fizzes away in the bath. 

Do you celebrate Halloween in any way? 

I am being the Queen of Hearts this year from Alice In Wonderland!

Fee xo.

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