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I have just finished Lauren Conrad's new book - Beauty, so I thought I would do a full review of it as I have really enjoyed it. 

'Beauty' is Lauren's second book which covers everything from skincare to lifestyle topics, hair and of course, make-up. You can find her new book here via Amazon for £8.24.

Lauren Conrad Beauty in my eyes is aimed at beauty enthusiasts that want to learn a little more about beauty, skincare and hair or just love Lauren's style and makeup in general. So I would say this book would be good for anyone from the age of 14 to mid 20's, that said I have personally enjoyed reading the book (though I haven't gained too much knowledge from the book) due to the imagery and topics in the book - a good mix of chatty subjects, beauty talk, tutorials and lifestyle topics. For me it is just a nice girly book to have at hand to flick through and even to use as a reference.

Lauren Conrad Beauty book

As Amazon doesn’t have a 'look inside' the book I thought I would detail all the chapters by reviewing each section. This will seem like a lengthy review but I really don't give anything away! But it will just show you just how much is covered and all the different areas of the book.

Chapter 1: Finding Your Beauty
Quite a short first chapter with an intro to Lauren's own beauty journey so far and some images of looks she tried in the past! Much like 'Style' this is also narrated in 1st person by Lauren who gives a friendly and very approachable feel to the whole book.

Chapter 2: Skin Care
 The first real chapter on skincare I thought I would probably end up skipping past but instead of Lauren suggesting products for different skin types and problems. The chapter is really realistic, which is a really good way to be when it comes to different skin. There is also quite an informative section on ingredients to avoid, which I know I will come back to as a reference when I am looking up more info on Google. 

Chapter 3: Hair Care 
 Again Hair care is approached in a very informative way and I instantly found myself learning things I just didn't know about, such as what is in both shampoo & conditioner - I'm also so glad that Lauren mentioned avoiding SLS's in shampoo, as this is something I really believe in! The chapter also covers natural hair masks, hair growth and also quite an in-depth look at different hair styles for different face shapes and hair textures. 

Chapter 4: Stress
Chapter 5: Fitness & Food 
 The topics on stress, fitness & food I found interesting to read. I found the subject of stress was approached really well and was also like a friend in an odd way. I think this is really good for anyone in their teens and anyone that is a fan as it is a bit more of a personal chapter. I didn't take too much away from the fitness & food chapters however there is a table of all the different nutrients, which again I know I will going back to as a guide.
Lauren Conrad Beauty book preview

Chapter 6: Makeup Tips, Tricks and Techniques
 The Makeup Tips, Tricks and Techniques chapter was the one real chapter that I found myself skimming over as I know all the basics now. However this is great for anyone just getting into makeup as for it only being a section of the book it does cover alot. There is a page for each key makeup product - foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, mascara etc. Also four pages on all the different tools/brushes you can use and how to shape your brows. Then a few pages on 'beauty crimes' which I think is maybe the weakest area to the book... not really needed.

Chapter 7: Everyday Makeup
 Everyday Makeup is the first chapter in the book with tutorials, all quite basic and easy to follow, with a tutorial on everyday looks for different complexions. Also tutorials on the 'no makeup look' and how to apply makeup in a hurry - I will actually be following this when taking my dog out for a walk as I need to stop using so many products! There are also some written guides for tackling different face issues which is wrote by Amy Nadine who is Lauren's makeup artist, such as 'making close-set eyes look wider' and 'making a wide nose look narrower'. This part did seem a bit "do this to be beautiful" like a wide nose had to be corrected, though Lauren does mentioned that she did poll her readers and that it was what they wanted to know about the most. I guess this sadly speaks volumes of the world we live in!

Chapter 8: Party Makeup 
Party Makeup tackles how to apply individual false eyelashes and how to achieve perfect winged eyeliner - I even picked up a few tips here. There is also a tutorial with Lauren on her go-to party look (very similar to her cover look), a subtle smokey eye and how to refresh your makeup. This was one of the chapters I felt there could have been a bit more content... I enjoyed it but it was rushed for some reason! 

Lauren Conrad Beauty Book inside

Chapter 9: Everyday Hair 
 The Everyday Hair chapter was another enjoyable read. I did know most about different tools but did pick up a few tips. But I really enjoyed the hair tutorials and will definitely be trying out a few braids mentioned, such as the rope, fishtail and goddess braid.

Chapter 10: Party Hair 
 This chapter definitely inspired me to use the hair tools I have a lot more - as I do have about 6! A small section in this chapter is on products to use in the hair and then some really great hair tutorial on different models, all very achievable and so pretty. I will be trying out the loose party ponytail in which you curl your hair first and then take it up into a ponytail, wrapping a section of hair around the band (you can actually see a section of the tutorial above). Also I have always wanted to know how to achieve retro curls so I will be going back to this when getting ready for a night out.

Chapter 11: Nails 
Quite a lot of basics covered in this chapter - caring for the nails, tools to use, a basic polish-free manicure, a basic manicure and french manicure tutorial. It then moves into more nail art tutorial with - reverse french manicure, polka dots, flowers and glitter. I really didn't need this chapter however if you are new to nail art an actual book to sit in front of you whilst try out some of the tutorials is really great. I was a bit sad though that it wasn't more creative or savvy! For example the polka dot nail art just mentioned to use a paintbrush... though her tips from The Beauty Department of making your own dotting tools would have been ideal here.  Also one detailed nail art tutorial would have been great instead of the two pages on glitter nails.

Chapter 12: Beauty Through the Decades
This along with the hair chapters was definitely my favourite read, I wish it could have been a larger part of the book as it was interesting and creative. The start of the chapter is a summary of sorts, with what iconic things happened in each decade, starting from the 1920's. I won't spoil that part for you if you buy the book but it’s a great quick summary of how the world of beauty has evolved. The next pages cover what types of looks were in for each decade going from the 20's to 70's. Each page shows Lauren trying out each look and looking beautiful, but also it details beauty icons for that era (great for look up after reading the book). If you want to channel a certain look then this gives you the idea of the things you will need to do. Not too in-depth (no tutorials here) but enough to get you inspired to find out more!

Lauren Conrad new book look inside

This really is a packed book that can teach you the basics, to try out new styles of makeup and hair and also a good starting guide to ingredients. But it also can make you feel more creative and want to learn more. I did find myself on the internet mid-reading looking up things mentioned in the book.

Lauren Conrad Style (£7.31 - Amazon here) was definitely a 'testing the waters' 1st book, that had snippets of good information but on the whole didn't go too in-depth about anything - just a good flick-through for me. Also it was definitely more focused on Lauren... but do not worry, if you are a fan of Lauren's then you will 100% get your fix - I even became a bit in love with her style and hair! I guess just a more grown-up book that is less Lauren but more about what she now knows.

My only negatives on the book would be that no brands/products are mentioned at all, which for me is a shame as it would have made it a lot more interesting if she could have mentioned which red lipstick she loves to use or which hair tongs she likes the most! Also a few areas of the book could have been missed out - the beauty crimes and how to correct different 'flaws' weren't for me.

A really nice book to either treat yourself to or give as a gift!

Lauren Conrad Beauty is currently available in hardback and contains 288 pages - £8.24 from Amazon.

Fee xo.

PS. Sorry for the long review - I get carried away sometimes! 

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