Halloween Nails - Scary Scene

Halloween nails nail art

Not my best nails but I promised Halloween related things and Halloween nail art is fun to do! 

If only I could have got my tree silhouette right then it would have looked really good I think. But sadly one looks like a palm tree and the other looks like a Texas cactus scene! I think the problem was I used the wrong nail art brush and it just wouldn't do as it was told and it was also too thick. I won't even go into how i did the nails as it's simple enough, though I will say it's much easier if you paint the tips of the nails black with the nail polish brush first - think a wonky french manicure. 

The nail polishes used were - Rimmel Black Cab (best opaque black I use), Essie Orange, Its Obvious (£2.99 - Xtras *featuring new brush*) and NYC In A New York Minute Top Coat (favourite high-street to coat). 

Fail nails, but from afar they do look good enough.

 Next week I have an Eyeball nail art tutorial coming up and also a tutorial for brains nail art !

Fee xo.

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