DIY: Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub

DIY Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub

Did you see my DIY post on how to make your own holographic makeup brush holder? If you didn't know I started a little DIY series and for my second instalment I promised a homemade body scrub. 

This is the scrub that I use when I don't have my beloved Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub and also when I want to prep my skin before fake tanning as I can make it the exact texture and level of exfoliation I want.
I am aware this does look like a food recipe! However please trust me as this does work and it's also quick and yummy to make. You can even just make enough for a single shower in a bowl if you so wish.

Now this is very basic, basic enough to actually give no measurements! It's just about adding the ingredients together bit by bit and achieving the texture of scrub you want. 

DIY Sugar body scrub

What you will need - An air tight storage jar (this jar was around £2.50 from Tesco, though Kilner jars are also good), extra virgin olive oil, white and demerara sugar, vanilla extract. 
  • First pour your white & brown sugar into the jar and either shake up to mixture or mix together with a spoon. The main thing to note here is that the demerara sugar will give you a more coarse scrub and the white sugar will give you a softer more runny scrub. I personally fill up half of the jar with a 1:1 ratio as I like my scrub to be quite coarse as I use it on my knees and feet. Really it is all about using your judgement.
    • Next slowly add the olive oil whilst mix the sugar, you want the sugar to clump together and be soaked in the oil but not so that you can see any oil. The sugar should soak it up. The best way to see if you have the right consistency take a small amount and test it on the back of the hand to see if you need any more oil. 
    • The last step is to add a little Vanilla Extract to the mixture. You really do only need the smallest amount to add a scent to the sugar. Here I used half a teaspoon and mix it in well.
    DIY Shower brown sugar scrub

    I will admit this isn't the most sophisticated homemade product but actually that is what I like about it! There is no need to go out and buy any essential oils or a carrier oil and you also know that there are very little ingredients in this.

    When using this in the shower I of course make sure my skin is damp before rubbing it over my skin and if I do want a softer more foaming scrub I add some shower gel in the palm of my hand with the scrub. The sugar body scrub can be stored in at room temperature for around 3 months, though you may need to give it a mix now and again. Of course if you do have sensitive skin then either give this a miss or only use a very fine grain of sugar. 

    My next DIY post will be a nail art tutorial I think! 

    Fee xo.

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