Fool Proof Nails with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure nail polish

This is my modest Sally Hansen nail polish collection. Ever since I purchased Sally Hansen Salon Manicure 'First Kiss' (1st left) I have been in love... in love at first kiss I should say!

I then tagged on two more when placing an order with Fragrance Direct and another two along with some Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens (review to come soon) last week, again from Fragrance Direct. So my collection now consists of (left to right) - First Kiss, Pedal to the Metal, Green Tea, Madame X and Cafe au Lait. You can find tons of shades including these ones of the Fragrance Direct website for only £1.49 - here. I would recommend looking on Google though for swatches of the shades you want as the swatches on the website are pretty rubbish.

The reason why I love the salon manicure range so much is mainly down to the brush, it spreads out and covers the whole nail in one stroke, which makes application fast but also fool proof as it gives that nice curved edge near the cuticle without having to do anything! Also the consistency is perfect and all the polishes only need 2 coats - even the pastel shades don't apply streaky.

I know I will definitely be adding to my Sally Hansen nail polish collection in the near future but for now Green Tea and Cafe au Lait have to be my favourites. 

Fee xo.

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