First Attempt at Detailed Nail Art!

Feather nail art

For so long now I have admired bloggers that do creative and detailed nail art, whilst always thinking I could never do anything as good. But last week when looking on Google at some amazing nail art I realised what was holding me back from trying out these designs for myself - nail art brushes! 

I had purchased some in the past from eBay but they just weren't fine enough, so after looking again on eBay I found some much more finer/detailed ones. I bought a 6 pack of acrylic french nail art brushes for only £2.39 with free p&p from a UK seller (listing here) which came within a week. 

I instantly sat down and decided to see what I could come up with and here are my results! The base coat for reference is Sally Hansen Green Tea which was £1.49 from Fragrance Direct (here).

nail pen Feather nail art

Even though this does look quite detailed it was surprisingly easy! I didn't look on Google for inspiration or a step-by-step guide, I just went with how a feather looked and it worked. After I had done all the little feathers I decided it needed something else and that something else had to be glitter! A few stroke of glitter down each feather with the same brush and I was done. 

I do have quite a steady hand but I really was surprised at how simple and quick it was to do. I have actually taken much longer doing less detailed things with my nail art pens before. I now have so many ideas I want to try out, starting with some Halloween nails next week !
Tomorrow I have a bit of a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure collection post coming up as they are my new favourite nail polishes (as well as Colour Club) to use! 

Fee xo. 

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