Blog Sale Buys


 One hidden benefit of beauty blogging is knowing about and buying from blog sales! I have purchased so many products from blog sales over the past two years that have saved me so much money. 

I recently bought some Color Club nail polishes from a blog sale as I have become obsessed with the brand, going from owning zero CC nail polishes to around 20 of them in just a few months! I do have TK Maxx to blame for this though as they currently have Colour Club sets in-store for only £7.99... but be warned the nail polishes don't actually come with the shade names so it can be hard working out which shades they actually are!

I also picked up my first ever Illamasqua product at a very discounted price from a blog sale. The product is the Illumie Body Oil in Pulse from the Body Electrics collection. It is basically a glittery bronze dry oil. I'm going to pour a little into a plastic bottle to take on my holidays next month as I think it will be lovely to use then. 

What is the best makeup product you have picked up from a blog sale? 

Fee xo.

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