Beauty Blogging with the iPhone

blogging with iphone

The iPhone 5 has landed! 

I am still way behind owning the iPhone 4 however I should hopefully be upgrading with Carphone Warehouse soon, which is very exciting as I use my current iPhone so much when it comes to blogging. 

The main factor for me is e-mails as it means I can have multiple email addresses all synced up and can access my e-mails wherever I am. But also I really do rely on Echofon for Twitter and Instagram for snapping beauty related images throughout the day and engaging in the blogging community. I hope I am not the only one when I admit I really do use my phone non-stop!

I was featured in Company Street-Style Edit magazine (top left) which is out now - exciting!

Instragram for me is one of the best apps as it combines photography, twitter and beauty and it's all about being social. So I am really looking forward to getting the iPhone 5 for the amazing camera quality along with it being slimmer and lighter. I would also love to purchase a clip-on lens such as the Olliclip 3-in-1 Fisheye, Wide-angle and Macro lens for the Iphone from Amazon, to really get creative with blog related images and personal photos as well.

My other must-have apps are - Picfx for adding effects to my Instagram images, Bloglovin' for keeping up with blogs, Pinterest for general procrastinating, YouTube to catch up with my favourite beauty gurus. As for shopping apps my top three have to be eBay, ASOS and Amazon - all very easy to use and checkout with. I definitely have my phone to thank when it comes to some savvy beauty buys on eBay!

I haven't even touched upon using the iPhone for Safari, iTunes, videos, even editing my blog posts and of course the fun you can have with buying new covers and decals. 

The technology and apps behind the iPhone really are amazing with the right balance for work and play!
Fee xo.

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