New Brand - The Bubbles & Butters Company

The Bubbles and Butter Company

Today I thought I would show you a lovely, new and fun range from the makers of I Love... Cosmetics. 

All the products are ice-cream inspired and they offer a full range of Bath Bubbles (£6.00), Body Butters (£6.00), Shower Bubbles (£4.00) and Lip Butters (£2.00).

The whole range so far consists of three flavours Crazy for Chocolate, Scream If You Wanna Go Strawberry and Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango and if the mango body butter is anything to go by these are highly scented products.

The Bubbles & Butters Company range is in a few Tesco stores (the special beauty ones) but also available from Tesco Direct which you can click & collect in store for free - here. Also the range can be found on The Bath & Body Shop website - here

bubbles and butters company mango body butter

Feeling Hot Hot Hot Mango Body Butter 
(275ml tub/£6.00)

This tub of body butter actually reminds me of a giant pot of mango yoghurt, it is thick (in a thick yoghurt kind of way!) and strongly scented but it absorbs into the skin well without leaving the skin greasy. However compared to other body butters this as you can see isn't of the same consistency. For me this seems like an ideal product for using in summer or on holiday to scoop up and lather on after a bath or shower to smell amazing.

As for the packaging I love the size/shape of the tub with the screw top lid, and I actually like the graphics on it but I think even compared to I love... Cosmetics, Treacle Moon, N-Spa (those types of brands) it does look like it is for a younger market. So for me personally I would pick something by N Spa over this when it comes to the body butters.

I must admit for me this did feel a little odd to use as I'm now in autumn mode, so I definitely think I would prefer this is summer and the chocolate one now.

The Bubbles and Butter Company Strawberry Lip Butter

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster Strawberry Super Smoothing Lip Butter

Anything like this I just love as I can't get enough of novelty lip balms and these rank quite high with me as the packaging is just so cute. 

The strawberry scent is pretty damn yummy and the lip butter is a really good consistency for the price. My only problem is I actually find it hard to dip my finger into as I have long nails! Which of course won't be a problem for many people but worth mentioning as it is a bit annoying for me having to be really careful that I don't plunge my nail into the lip butter.

If I do spot these in my local Tesco then I will 100% getting the chocolate scented one and I am thinking these will be good for tiny presents at Christmas. 

A  fun brand with really great scents. A range of scrubs would just make this for me. Maybe it would have to be a bubbling scrub though to keep in with the name of the brand! 

Fee xo.

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