NOTD - Glitter Leopard Print Nails

glittery leopard print nails

Not my usual type of nails today but something quite garish for me! You see these nails happened by accident. I just did some simple leopard print nails and then a new glitter nail polish arrived in the post and I had to try it out.

Which is how these nails came about!

The glitter nail polish was an eBay buy as Saffron nail polishes really as the cheapest ever on eBay! This glittery beaut is Saffron Carnival multi-glitter shade 67 which was only £1.55 with free p&p (eBay listing - here). I really do recommend Saffron nail polishes from eBay or Amazon if you are on a budget - the gold sparkle glitter and red sparkle glitter especially. Again these are only £1.55 each (here).... I know, so cheap!


As for the leopard print, my base nail polish was MNY in shade 461 which can be found in Tesco and Superdrug stores for £2.99, again another good range of polishes at a lower price. 

I then used a Models Own nail art pen £6.00 - here, however they have now re-vamped the style/packaging of the pens and they as so much better and easier to use. But this older one does the job fine for me. I of course let the leopard print fully dry before applying the Saffron Carnival glitter as glitter can definitely drag on the nails.

Saffron glitter nail polish leopard print

I then finished with my favourite top coat - NYC Quick Dry Top Coat which is only around £2.00 from Superdrug as glitter can give quite a rough finish/feel to the nails.  

This was only a single coat of the lovely glitter so I will definitely be trying a few coats over a dark nail polish or a lovely nude. 

I'm still not convinced on these nails as they are more on the tacky side for me but sometimes it's good to try out something a bit different. 

Really for £1.55, delivered you cannot beat these glitter nail polishes! 

Fee xo. 
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