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Today I thought I would do a different sort of post. More a 'what's in my head at the moment that is annoying me' kind of post! I am aware that does sound quite negative but I do always write about all the lovely products I use etc so please just see this a something different/a balance. 

Used makeup at makeup stands 
This has to be my number one annoyance! I just do not understand why Boots, Superdrug (actually they aren't too bad, but there solution for it is another annoyance of mine - see below), Tesco... basically anywhere that isn't manned, doesn't try to fix this product. So many times I have wanted to buy a product and there are say four on the stand and every single one has been opened and used. Probably because the state of the samples is so bad... but still! Or even worse you buy a product, take it home only to find it's been tested - not good at all.

The thing is, this is how I see it. Imagine you are in Tesco or Boots... you pick up a sandwich and ummm.... get hungry! So hungry in fact you have to open the packaging and take a bite of the sandwich. You then decide you don't like it that much and put it back on the shelf and carry on shopping. I'd like to think a member of staff would ask you to pay for it. It makes sense, right? This is the exact same with cosmetics. You open a product and test it then you should have to pay for it. I really do think a simple sign on every stand would sort out this problem, something like 'If you test any cosmetics other than the samples provided you will have to purchase the products. If testers aren't available please contact a member of staff'. Then it should be that if you do ask a member of staff for a sample because there isn't any then they can open one of the products, placing a tester sticker on it and then that can be the sample. I really do think a simple sign would help this problem so much! 

The product amount swizz
Now this isn't such a big deal, just something to be aware of. I am talking how much product you actually get for your money. I started to think about this last year when I discovered that my beloved YSL Touche Eclat contained only 2.5ml of concealer for £23, which for a liquid product isn't a lot at all. Also when it comes to sets it is always good to check out how much product you are actually getting. Recently I was looking at all the new Benefit kits and I have to say most are pretty good. But some really do contain such little product. For example Big Beautiful Eyes Kit which retails for £24.50 only contains 4.2g of product and a kit that is coming out soon (also £24.50) will contain only 3.8g. But take another kit priced at £24.50 and just the pan products alone contain 7g and the other products in the kit come to 14.5ml - pretty goos! Quite a big difference, hey, so it is definitely worth looking on the packaging first.

Metal packaging doesn't work 
This is more of a pet peeve as I can live with it but it is slightly annoying. I am talking about the likes of the Blistex metal packaging, also some hair treatments come in this type of packaging (if you don't know what I mean here is an image of a hair conditioner I have). The problem is as the product starts to be used up the metal starts to bend/crease which makes the metal weaken, then eventually you get a little cut in the packaging for the product to squeeze/leak out of, which is very messy! This always happens with Blistex tubes for me and I currently have a hair conditioner that is doing it. It's just annoying!

The price of magazines 
Yes I am a bit of a scrooge, but I don't care! Magazines probably now contain the highest amount of adverts than ever before yet they are charging more and more for the price of the magazine. I remember not so long ago even 2011 when magazines such as Elle, Red, Marie Claire cost in the region of £3.40 now it is £3.80-90.. not much but its just unnecessary. Let me just put it in prespective... Marie Claire's rate for a full page advert is £17,807. That is just a single ad and adverts are pretty much every other page! This is why I don't like seeing the price of magazines at nearly £4.00... and don't even get me started on the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar?!

Tesco and Asda makeup stands closing at 10pm  
If you aren't a late shopper then you may not know that in most supermarkets they pull down the cosmetics stand shutters around 10pm. A little birdy from Tesco told me that this is apparently because cosmetics are their biggest loss when it comes to shoplifting and at night it cannot be watched as much. But I really don't care... no other areas of the supermarket close, well except for the food counters, but if a supermarket is going to be 24hrs you should be able to purchase standard products.  

The sticky security labels at Superdrug 
The super sticky security labels of Superdrug are the bane of my life (actually a blogger showed one stuck to an Essie polish here)! Okay, a little dramatic. But really, they literally are the hardest things to remove. I'm not talking a standard sticker here... ohhhhh no no. These are large stickers that seem to be stuck down with super glue strong adhesive and they actually contain a web of metal which of course sets off the alarms if you decided to leave the store without paying for your items. These stickers were intended not to be easy to remove. But for the average customer you then have to sit for more time then you would like once you have got home, trying to remove the sticky gunk and paper that is left behind. To fully remove the beasts it actually take nail polish remover or hair spray. I know Superdrug are thinking this is a good way to crack down on theft and also so products can't be opened and tested as much when they are placed over the seal. But they are so annoying and also a lot of the time covering over the ingredients list as well. 

So there is my rant! I feel quite de-stressed now actually! 

Please feel free to tell me what annoys you in the world of beauty. 

Fee xo.

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