Autumn Beauty Picks

Autumn Beauty Products

Did you know that the start of Autumn in the UK was a few days ago on 21st September and in fact all seasons start on the 21st. So winter actually starts 21st December... something to not look forward to.

But personally I have been thinking it has been feeling colder and more autumnal for the past 2 weeks or so. I even had to change to my winter duvet?! 

Rambling aside, a change of season always means using different products... as your skin changes and calls for different products and also sometimes you want the colours you use in your make up to change. Autumn really is the only season when I wear purple eyeshadow thinking about it now.

So here are a few items I picked out that I really feel are more suited to colder weather and change of season for me. 

Bourjois healthy mix serum

Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm and Laguna (smaller size from Nars set)
Full size - £30.00 Nars website
Anything that glows on the cheeks in Autumn in a winner for me. I love that healthy flushed face look so I opt for anything with a gold shimmer to it. I use this duo more for the blush in autumn and the bronzer in summer... though I do still contour a bit in autumn but with a lighter bronzer. This blush really is so pretty, I recommend going on Google to see some swatches. Sleek Rose Gold and theBalm Hot Mama are also my favourites in Autumn for similar reasons.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Shade 51 Vanille Clair
30ml - £10.99 Boots
I have just finished the original Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which is one of my favourite foundation. But actually I have finished it at just the right time as this is a perfect foundation for drier skin types so I will be using this from October through to January when my skin does suffer from some dry patches. I can't say that I notice that this is a serum but it does feel a tiny bit gel like and does feel like it sits better on dry skin/patches. No flakey skin or sitting in the sides of the nose.

Bepanthen as lip balm treatment

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream 
30ml mini - £6.00 Balance Me website
I received this in the June She Said Beauty Box ( review - here) and quite recently I decided to place it on my bathroom sink so that every time I washed my hands I could also use the hand cream. Just by doing this I have seen an improvement in my cuticles and the backs of my hands, even though the skin was quite supple and soft to begin with. This is definitely something I am going to continue to do in autumn through to winter as the hand cream is quickly absorbed but very hydrating.

Bepanthen Ointment
30g - £2.50 Boots
I do love my lip bams but this is one of the only products I turn to when my lips get sore or dry (normally when I have a cold or have been out in the cold). Yes it is a nappy cream but this just works wonders on any dry areas especially the lips. As it does leave a white coating I do use this as more of a lip treatment in the evening or just before I go to bed so that it can fully soak into the lips. If you ever have chapped or sore lips, forget Blistex and try this!

Love Your Skin Smoothing & Re-texturising Facial Serum 
30ml - £30.00 Love Your Skin website
This is a totally new product to me and to be honest I don't know much about the brand. But I do know after trying the Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum I really feel my skin benefits from using a serum pre-moisturiser. It is on the more pricey side, working out at £1 a millimetre but if this does achieve smooth skin then it is worth it and more. Even though I don't get blemishes that often I do get slightly bumpy skin (normally whiteheads under the skin) around my chin/jawline so I am really hoping the willow bark which contains natural salicylic acid will help to sort that out. I can't fully review this yet but so far so good. 

Autumn skin products

Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm 
This seems a bit of a pointless product to mention now as I discovered that this was a product that Botanics changed with their 're-branding' when I went to find the link to the product on the Boots page and discovered all the new one star reviews! I am quite sad about this as I really did/do like it as a cleanser for dry skin and also I just don't understand why a brand would change the ingredients of a product when it received amazing reviews on the Boots websites and online via bloggers and websites. Just to note, the same also goes for the Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover!

Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Body Moisturiser
Another new product that I have been using for the past 2 or so weeks. I really enjoying using organic coconut oil on my upper body but like to use a moisturiser on my legs when I remember. But for the past month I have been remembering to especially after showers as I noticed I was getting quite scaly skin on my legs from shaving, eep, and then not putting moisture back into my skin. So far this has made my skin back to normal and also improved them little dots that are due to bad circulation/dead skin cells. For the price I am really pleased and it definitely is for extra dry skin.

 Yes To Tomatoes Total Treatment Facial Mask 
This is only a small sample pot but I do have the full size of this because I love it so much. This for me is the most perfect face mask ever. It is ideal for combination/oily skin as it soaks up excess oil and mattifies the skin but it also makes the skin look glowing and bright. It also leaves the skin feeling soft and plump, so this really is a total treatment mask. I do use other masks but this is 100% my star face mask that I will always use - forever! Well until they decide to discontinue it no doubt!

I am going to make a separate post on all my favourite autumnal nail polishes soon as I have so many lovely shades and top coats that I want to start using again. 

Let me know your key autumn beauty products! 

Fee xo.

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