The Tan Commandments


If you have ever self tanned, which I'm liking to guess most, if not all of you have, then you will know what is it like to wake up in horror at the sight of how your tan has developed! 

I'm talking 'sand pit' knees, oompa loompa face, white patches and the dreaded tell tale orange palms! But ofcourse all of those mishaps don't happen all at once thankfully. It is just when you haven't prepared your skin for the tan, or you haven't used the correct tanning products or you haven't applied it properly or with the right tools.

However shopping online can really fix a lot of those problems, by buying good quality tanning products, latex gloves/applicators and also the very handy tan remover wipes. You can find spray tan solution @ - click here

Also here are my own 10 tan commandments! 

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.
2. Remember to add moisturizer to dry areas (knees,elbows, feet etc) before tanning.
3. If you have fair hair add vaseline around the hairline and on the eyebrows.
4. Do not apply any kind of tan after showering or hair removal.
5. If you have enlarged pores on the face or legs splash cold water and pat dry just before tanning.
6. Always apply tan from the feet upwards so not to rub off any tan.
  7. If you need to do your whole back and have no one to help you place a small amount of the tan onto a long piece of cling film and told both end to rub tan all over your back. Silly, yes! But it works.
8. To do the backs of the hands carefully wash the hands with soap and pat dry. Then place the back of your hands against another part of your body that you have tanned. This is place enough tan onto the back of your hands.
9. To prolong your tan moisturize each day.
10. Use latex gloves to protect the hands (even wash used hair dying gloves!)

Hope you found this helpful if you are self tanning this summer! 

Fee xo.

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