Cheap-y Cheap Eco Tool Brushes Make Me Happy!

Eco Tools 6 Piece Brush Set eBay

After purchasing a very cheap Eco Tools set from eBay and being really pleased with them I decided to order the full size set - only £3.98 plus free p&p (eBay listing here). 

I actually already own this set (it was around £13 from Boots), but the blusher brush and the liner brush have seen their day - in fact the second blog post I ever wrote was a review of these brushes?! Here is the rubbish and cringe-worthy post back in Feb 2010 if you want to have a read.

So as I have had lots of use out of my old set I thought I may as well buy a new set for under £4 as I know that I will use all the brushes and the brush wrap is also a nice extra for when going away anywhere.

Eco tools makeup brushes 

The six piece set comprises of - Blush Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Angled Eyeliner Brush, Lash & Brow Groomer, Concealer Brush and Cosmetic Brush Roll. 

My favourite brushes from the set have to be the eyeliner brush as it is ideal for filling in the brows and using with powder to line the eyelids, and also the blusher brush which is good for blusher or powder - I use it for powder. But the lash & brow groomer does also come in handy, as does the really nice concealer brush. 

All the brushes are really nice quality and very soft. Also no shedding! I could ramble on but for £4.00 these are clearly a bargain. Whether you don't have enough brushes, you are too lazy to clean the ones you have, want some for travelling with or just because you like nice makeup brushes. These really are a fab for the price! 

But just so that you are aware, the set (listing here) is shipped from China and it does normally take around 2-3 weeks for delivery. BUT it is free shipping and there are zero charges. 

Fee xo. 

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