15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 13 - Film Inspired Nails

UP Pixar nails

My favourite nails to do so far! I had so many ideas for this theme - Little Mermaid, E.T (which someone has done in the links below!), Moulin Rouge even, with the little green fairy.

But I decided to go with Up (the Pixar animated movie) as I have seen these nails before and loved them especially the balloons.. also it is a lovely film. Another blogger actually went with Up nails too :)

I am pretty pleased with how they turned out - the balloons look really nice I think but the house really called for a finer nail art pen so that it didn't look as heavy! Also next time I would maybe make the blue a darker blue. But overall I really do like these and think I may even do the nails again but as balloon nails. 

Here are all the other creative film inspired nails today!

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Oh so close to the end of the challenge now! Tomorrows theme is.... Dots! 

Fee xo.

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