15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 14 - Dots

Royal Blue Dots

Today I really wasn't feeling dots. I actually did my nails twice (you can see the nails I did first, below) because I just wasn't sure what to do. But in the end I just went with simple polka dot nails. 

I normally do nude nails with black dots but I thought I'd try something  different as I wanted to use my new bargain nail polish which I found in Poundland - Revlon Royal. It is definitely a welcome addition to my nail polish collection as I don't have a blue this shade and I love the consistency of Revlon Top Speed nail polish and of course how fast they dry!

Revlon Royal Nail polish Color Club Blue Ming

Nothing wow today but I do like the colour combination with Revlon Royal as a base and Color Club Blue Ming for the dots. 

Here are my first nails that I decided not to go with... 

Dot nails

I'm not in love with this look but I thought  I would try sheer nails for once and something more delicate looking. The pattern I just made up as I went along and I just used a Sharpie fine liner pen. As for the nail polish it is my stargazer as you can see and I just applied two thin coats of it so that it was sheer - I do really rate Stargazer nail polishes and the best place to buy them in from eBay however some New Look stores do actually stock the brand.

 Here are the other pretty dotty nails for today...  

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Tomorrow is the last day! The theme is 'Anything!' which means a free choice. It could be your favourite nail art/nail polish or something you have never tried before. I already know I'm going to try out a technique I have never tried before! Wish me luck :) 

Fee xo. 
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