15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 9 - Red Nails

Revlon Fire Fox

I decided to include red nails into the 15 Day Nail Challenge as I rarely see people wearing red nails and even I don't wear it all that often even though I own quite a lot! But once I have red nails I always like them! 

I do tend to go for glossy red nails but I decided to try out a nail polish I got a few months ago from Poundland that is a matte suede, a finish which is in between being glossy/matte). I really do love this finish and actually it makes me wish Revlon would come out with a Matte Suede Top Coat. 

Revlon's Fire Fox has been discontinued now but you can still find it on eBay! My favourite glossy red has to also be Revlon again and Cherries in the Snow - such a pretty shade and I love the name.

If you are submitting your nails for today's challenge please enter the name of your blog in 'Link Title' and the direct link in 'URL'.

Today's red nail submissions!

All will be back to normal tomorrow with submitting links, so just tweet or e-mail me with your gradients nails. I'm excited to see them all already!

Fee xo.

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