15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 8 - Leopard Print Nails

Gradient Leopard Print nails

Slightly different today as I'm away! 
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Today's nails definitely make up for my fail neon nails yesterday! I actually think these are my nicest nails so far! I love leopard print nails because you can vary the look of them so much. You can go for tiny detailed leopard print, you can fill in the print with different colours, you can apply the print over glitter, you can make the nail base coat matte and then add the print with a glossy top coat - literally you can do so many variations of leopard print nails! 

To achieve the gradient base I applied the nails polish to the tip of the nails using a dry makeup sponge. I actually cut small blocks off the sponge so that I didn't get any nail polish on the skin so it looked really neat. I then decided to go for large leopard print with a Models Own Wah Nail Art Pen. Sadly I did have to remove these as today I'm at a wedding and I don't think they would have been very suitable! 
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