15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 10 - Gradient Nails

Pink Gradient nails summer

Forget my leopard print nails (here) on Day 8! I have finally mastered gradient nails with a few things that I did differently this time - I may actually do a post on how to achieve a smooth gradient effect. 

So I really am pleased with these nails. Actually the only thing that is bugging me with this images is that my nails aren't all the same shape!

For the base shade I went for Collection 2000 Fruit Loop (actually the brand is called 'Collection' now) which is one of my favourite peach nail polishes and it is so cheap! Then for the pink gradient I picked out China Glaze Wicked Style which is such a good quality nail polish.
Gradient Nails

Now that I have mastered gradient nails I want to buy lots of sponges and try out different shades. I'm thinking a gradient black to grey to white would look great and I also love pastel gradients with tiny specks of gold glitter over the top - so pretty. To finish I smoothed over the gradient with my NYC Top Coat (an important step!). Then I couldn't resist adding some glitter with Saffron Gold Speckle nail polish which was a very cheap buy from eBay, only £1.99 with free p&p (here).

Here are all the other pretty gradient nails today... (some really great ones!)

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Can you believe that it is nearing the end of the challenge! I'm so looking forward to picking out three of my most favourites submissions of the challenge so far and letting everyone vote. I even bought some extra nail prizes! 

Tomorrows theme is Metallic nails so get your thinking caps on - if you want to join in tomorrow all the details can be found here.  

Fee xo. 

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