15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 11 - Metallic Nails

Gold Leaf nails

For today's nails I decided to think outside of the box a little and actually go for gold nails! I had never even tried this, but again it was an idea in my head that I thought would work... and thankfully it did! 

I bought some very cheap gold leaf sheets from eBay last year (10 sheets - £1.99 free p&p here) and haven't used them much at all. But I knew for this they would work perfectly because the gold leaf is so thin and tears very easily.  

To achieve gold leaf nails I first applied a clear top coat to all of my nails and them placed the gold leaf over the top (as shown below). I then let the top coat fully dry so that the gold leaf would be stuck to the nails.

Gold leaf nail art how to

Next I filed off the excess on the tip of the nails with a nail file (like you do with nail wraps). Then with a pair of tweezers I pressed around and away all the way around the edge of the cuticles which tore the gold leaf in just the right place leaving just the gold leaf on the nails and no excess. Then to make it look a bit more worn in and not as perfect I pressed down on each nail slightly making tears on the gold leaf and more creases. To finish I just applied a clear top coat to prevent any damage as the gold leaf is so fragile.

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The theme tomorrow is Stripes so if you want to join in make sure to tweet me (@makeup_savvy) or email me (makeupsavvy@live.co.uk) before 4pm GMT tomorrow. You can read all the details here and you can see all my previous nails from this challenge here.

Fee xo.

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