15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 3 - Chic Nails

Day 3 - Chic nails

Day 3 of the 15 Day Nail Challenge and so far I have been really enjoying the nail series and also looking at the different nails you all have come up with so far. They are all so varied and it's definitely given me lots of nail inspiration! 

For chic nails I was so tempted to go Chanel inspired and do nude nails with a little pearl at the bottom of each nails. However I always play safe with nude nail polishes so decided to challenge myself! Now I'm not too sure if these nails look 'chic'... I think the gold detail would of looked perfect if it was done with a thinner pen so that it would of been more delicate - but you live and you learn! Plus I didn't have a gold pen with a thinner nib. 

Baroque print nail art

But again, like yesterday, these nails do look really pretty and neat from a normal distance away. So I do think they do fall under the 'chic' theme but are more for nighttime/going out. 
Here are the other submissions for today's chic nails - 

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If you still want to join in you can find out the details here. Just remember to send me your links by 4pm GMT tomorrow.
Tomorrows theme is Galaxy nails - I'm looking forward to this one a lot! 

Fee xo.

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