15 Day Nail Challenge - Day 2 - Pattern Nails

Herringbone pattern nails

Day 2 of the 15 Day Nail Challenge and I decided to go for an autumn print/pattern! 

I actually had an image of this pattern in my head but had totally forgot that it was called Herringbone so I had to google search a million different things to discover what the print was. 

I have to say it was quite rushed and done with a headache and  on 3 hours sleep! So it could have looked a lot better, though from normal eye distance away they do look really neat and quite detailed. The pattern was super easy to do - using a Sharpie I just drew on some vertical lines then added the little lines. It really didn't take any time at all.

nail challenge

After doing my nails I was looking though Red magazine and actually found afew Autumn 2012 pieces that were herringbone! 

Here are the other entries for today's patterned nails! 

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Some really great nails today! 
If you want to join in tomorrow the theme is - Chic. All details can be found here.

Fee xo.

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