15 Day Nail Challenge - Extra Details & Prize Revealed!


A little extra post today before Day 2 - Pattern Nails! 

A few people have asked me how they can join in with the 15 day nail challenge if they don't have a blog. I hadn't really thought about it, however it is a little unfair to exclude readers that want to join in that don't blog. 

 So if you don't have a blog then uploading the image of your nails to a Photobucker or Flickr account would be best and then you can send me an email (makeupsavvy@live.co.uk) with the link along with your first name and then I can include your image link in my daily nail posts. Just remember to submit your link to me before 4pm GMT. 

As for the giveaway/competition I thought I would explain a little more about it. The prize consists of four lovely Color Club Nail Polishes, a Mini Models Own Trio and the new Magic Bourjois Nail Polish Remover. 

After the 15 Day Challenge has finished I will select my top 3 favourite nails from the links submitted to me throughout the challenge. I will then post the images on here for exactly a week and ask readers to vote for their favourite nails in the comment form. The most voted for nails will then win the products! So even if you just join in for a few days or even one day you still have a chance - so don't feel like you can't join in because you can't do all 15 days!

If you want to take part you can find more details and the list of themes (here). 

Today's theme is pattern nails! If you want to join in make sure to tweet or email me before 4pm today. 

Fee xo. 
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