Nail Care Essentials

Nail essentials

As I am currently doing a nail challenge here on my blog which means using nail polish remover on my nails everyday, I thought I would write a post on how I look after my nails.

 The main thing is to keep my cuticles from going dry and also keeping my nails from breaking due to using so much nail polish remover. Also with so much nail polish on the nails you can also get ridges in the nails, so I also want to prevent that!


Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
£5.00/125ml (Boots here)
Using hand cream is a huge part of my nail care routine. I own lots of small hand creams that are dotted around my house but Soap & Glory's Hand Food is the one I apply every day after doing my makeup. Hand sanitiser then Hand Food.

This lovely scented hand cream isn't overly thick and doesn't appear to be that amazing even when applying it. But this is such a good hand cream! It really is food for the hands! 
If you haven't tried this I highly recommend you try the mini size of this, which you can find in travel section of Boots.


Stylfile S-Nail File
 £3.83 (Amazon here)
For the past year I have been using a free models own multi-buffer/file that came with two nail polishes. But it is looking a little old now so I'm glad I received the Stylfile in last months She Said Beauty Box. It is a lot more sophisticated and is a really nice file. If I do get a small rip in my nails I do actually try to file it out and if my nails are getting too long, again I file them down instead of cutting them. I really find this works for me.

However I am still using the Models Own buffer to buff my nails. I really do rate buffers to remover ridges (you just have to make sure you don't do it too often or it will thin the nails) and also if you don't wear nail polish (for work etc) then using the 4 different buffers will make your nails really smooth and very shiny! I was actually amazed at how using a buffer can make your nails feel, especially when polishing them. 

Also I find just buffing them quicker before applying nail polish can help the nail polish stay on the nails for a bit longer!  


Champneys Cuticle Softening Nail Oil 
£8.50/10ml (Boots here)
Cuticle oil is essential if you use nail polish remover a lot as it will dry out the cuticles if you are not careful. I have many cuticle oils/balms - Ciate, Neom, Sally Hansen, China Glaze and also this one by Champneys. 

I decided to feature this one as it's new and I'm really impressed with the little mechanism at the top. The little button at the top actually fills up the pipette with oil and then every time to press the button it releases enough oil for each nail - how clever! So you just hover over each nail and it applies enough oil for each finger then you can just put the top back on the bottle and massage the oil into each nail/cuticle. This oil really is lovely and makes my cuticles in perfect condition. 

Let me know what type of file, hand cream and cuticle oil you use! 

Fee xo.

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