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I made a bit of an alarming discovery at the weekend. I read back on my recent blog posts... there were posts on skincare, nails, freebies... but no makeup?!   

It is not that I have gone off makeup but I have been buying a lot less because I have so much, so it's not been on my mind, if that makes sense! But that does need to change as I love talking about product I like. So what better way to get back in to it than to talk about the products I use without fail every time I apply my makeup. 

All the products featured in this post are ones that I always use and never miss out. Were as foundation, blusher and lipstick change day-to-day. So I guess these really are favourites of mine now.


Naked Skin Soothing Eye Gel 
15ml/£7.49 - Nakedbodycare
I've tried eye cream and have liked them but after a month or so I seem to get bored and it's because I don't really need to be thinking about eye wrinkles at my age! So I have started using what I feel is a more age appropriate eye product. This for me does what I need it to do, which is it wakes up my eyes before applying makeup and slightly plumps up the skin. The soothing/cooling aspect of the eye gel is what keeps me applying this daily as it keeps amazing on tired eyes and I do like the feeling of a gel over a cream I have discovered.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion 
11ml/£14.50 - Debenhams
I must have starting using this product around 4 years ago now (well not this exact tube!) and haven't been without it since. I use it under every eyeshadow I apply and even use it when I'm not wearing eyeshadow as it evens out the look of my eyelids. An amazing product and it lasts for such a long time - but remember to saw it open and scoop out the rest of the product once you think you are done because it's amazing how much is left that you can't reach with the older style of packaging.


HD Brows eye & brow palette in Foxy
£19.96 - Nouveau Beauty
This is my everyday brow palette that I never ever stray from. I use the bottom left shade the most to fill in my eyebrows but also use the bottom right shade on my lower lash line sometimes. I did stupidly somehow throw away the little angled brush that came with the palette that I really did like, so now I'm using an Eco Tools angled brush which isn't as stiff or as small as I'd like it for my eyebrows. But the powder is just great, you can really create perfect brows with this and it just doesn't budge! 

Prestige My Longest Lashes
8ml/£6.99 - One Stop Beauty 
(Prestige has sadly been discontinued in Boots)
Now I'm sure you are wondering if I only use one mascara! Oh no no, that would be madness. This is in fact my bottom lash mascara. You see I feel my eyes look a bit bare if I don't apply mascara but as I like volume mascaras they always look to heavy on my bottom lashes and I just don't suit it, so this is my only mascara for my bottom lashes as the brush is a rubber one with little spikes so doesn't put too much on to the lashes and it separates them nicely, plus with it being brown it never looks too much. Perfect! 
Diego Dalla Palma Eyeliner in Brown
£15.00 - HQ Hair, select Tesco stores 
Even if I'm not wearing that much makeup I always apply mascara and use this pencil before I do so, on my upper waterline to fill in my lash line a bit. Though sometimes I use it against the lash line and flick it out. It's not as harsh as black pencil eyeliner so it's great for daytime and it never moves! Plus it's actually a standard pencil eyeliner that isn't creamy (you know the ones that disappear after every use because they are so soft) so I have had this for the longest time now. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent
14g/£3.99 - Feel Unique, Boots, Superdrug
This powder is always the last step of my makeup. I use a fan brush and sweep this across my forehead, down my nose and on to my chin. As the powder is translucent it just takes any shine away especially when I'm using a dewy foundation. But without making the skin look cakey or dry. This really is the best powder I have tried and know I will never stray to another powder.

No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick in Fair
3g/£8.00 - Boots
I must have talked about this so many times on Makeup Savvy! But I just think it is the best concealer ever for anyone that has oily skin with blemishes. I'm now lucky that I have quite clear skin but if I do get a spot it is normally on my chin and it's always quite oily (oversharing much?). So this is perfect as it is high in coverage and it also removes the oil on the blemish. So for this reason it isn't as amazing under the eyes as it can make the skin look a bit dry but for spot/scarring/blemishes this is just great. Though I do highly recommend Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as well! Amazing for under eyes.

Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve 
20g/£5.00 - Amazon, select Tesco stores
 This is the first thing I apply when I sit down to put on makeup as then it has time to soften the lips before apply lipstick. This has to be one of the nicest smelling lip balms I own... and I own more than a few (20 or so maybe eeeep!). It definitely smells like sweetened vanilla and it's just lovely. Sometimes I even sit there just inhaling the scent from the tin it's that nice!

Bourjois Bronzing Powder in shade 51 
16g/£6.99 - Boots, Superdrug
 My beloved bronzing powder that I use without fail... where would I be without you? With a round looking face I imagine. Even if I am in a rush I never leave out apply this bronzing powder with my favourite Sigma angled brush. But of course if I have the time I use this to contour under my cheekbones, temples and under my jaw. Also if I am looking a bit pale I sweep this down on to my neck and across my collarbone area. This smells lovely, is pretty much matte and the powder lasts the longest time... though I am just about out of it after 2-3 years! 

I promise, promise, promise more makeup posts and reviews from now on! 

Fee xo.

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