Naked Rescue Repairing Hair Treatment


A quick review for you this hopefully sunny Sunday morning. I'm sat here writing this on a Saturday night.. deary me! But I thought no time like the present as I have just got out of the shower after using the Naked Repairing Hair Treatment. 

I have been a lover of Naked for a long time now, they were the first SLS-free shampoo I ever tried and I love all of their hair styling products - I really can't get enough of their Extra Shiny Finishing Serum, the smell and how it makes my hair look... amazing! 

But I also love their sachets of hair treatments. Now I am pretty sure they did more hair treatments than this, I loved one that contained Buttermilk I'm sure... that is one of the things I dislike about Naked (though I love them for the most part) is that they seem to discontinue products quite often. I may never fully forgive them for discontinuing my beloved face wash that smelt of cookies! I digress... so anyway, this now seems to be their only hair treatment, which I don't mind as it is for frizzy/damaged hair - something I feel my hair could be described as if I don't tame it/use products on it (it's all the years of abuse through heat and hair dye).

How I use it! 

Basically this is the hair treatment I have been using when I want to let my hair dry naturally without it being one massive frizz ball (one sachet is enough for even long hair). I apply this to ringed out hair after shampooing and comb it through with my Denman Be-Bop shower brush or Tangle Teezer, then I leave it on for the rest of the shower - so 10 minutes ish. Afterwards my hair is left feeling soft but not actually amazingly soft. But as it dries it is frizz-free nearly and the ends of my hair always look less tired and without split-ends! Just overall tamed and shiny.

The one thing that Naked could improve on is the scent... I'm thinking it is the 'Meadowfoam' which has quite a herbal scent that reminds me of starflower. It would just be nice for it to smell of something sweet or yummy. 

The hair treatment can be purchased as a 20ml sachet for £1.29 (Naked online - here, KMI club - here or from Boots). Or in a big 400ml tub for £7.99 (Naked online - here, KMI club - here and also from Boots)

Fee xo.
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