Neom Luxury Organics Happiness candle

Neom Happiness Candle

 If you know me, you will know that I am a bit candle obsessed. I currently have two candles in my living room, three in my dining room, one in next to the bath and a candle wax burner in my bedroom next to the bed. 

All I am pleased to say are natural/organic and free from toxic fumes & soot. You can read why I choose natural candles - here

The Neom Happiness candle contains a beautiful blend of white neroli, mimosa & lemon (see below for my pathetic attempt at describing the scent) and comes in two sizes - Home candle which has 3 wicks (380g wax/55 hours burn time) and a Travel candle (75g wax/20 hours). 

The Happiness Home candle costs £39.50 - here
The Happiness Travel candle costs £15.00 - here

I highly recomend the travel candle size if you are new to Neom or want to try out an organic candle for the first time (I really do think most people will see why organic candles are so much better once they have tried one out).

neom candle

In a way describing how a candles smells never does it justice and I know I definitely can't do this candle any justice as the scent is just so clean and fresh and perfect for burning in spring/summer. The Neroli (the flower that is on the box) and Mimosa just go so well together and blend in to a scent that is fresh, floral and then with a hint of lemon which gives it a slightly sweet element. 

I tend to find myself only burning this during the day (it's in my living room) as it's so uplifting and pleasant. I also always burn this candle before I know anyone is coming round as since switching to only natural and organic candles I can't stand the smell of air freshener, plus the synthetic scent of an aerosol spray does only stay around for a few minutes, were as with the Neom candles you can smell the scent hours & hours after you have blown it out.

neom happiness home candle

As for burn time the home candle gives an amazing 55 hours burn time and I generally burn the candle 1-2 hours at a time. So it really does last months and months and even when it's not burning it does look pretty and quite posh. 

 With such a large candle it is important that it has more than one wick so that it burns evenly. There is nothing worse than spending money on a large candle for only the center to burn leaving a third of the wax just wasted. So this is something I really like with the larger Neom candles - they literally burn right down and no wax is wasted at all.

neom candle

 Also due to maybe the candle being organic or the thickness of the glass, the glass doesn't char/blacken making it sightly whilst burning but it also means you can re-use the glass holder for something else after the candle has been used up. I use an old Neom candle turned around so you cannot see the logo with pebbles in and an artificial glass plant in my bathroom, but you could even re-use it as a brush holder.

Out of all the Neom candles I have tried I would say this is my favourite as the scent is just so pleasant and perfect. 

Neom really do the best quality 

Fee xo. 

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