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Models Own Indian Ocean Color Club NOTD

Mermaid nails! 
As I loved Color Club Gingerbread on my nails so much in my last NOTD post (here) I decided to use it again just on the tips this time and some how with the mixture of blues I used I came up with some lovely under water/mermaid looking nails. 

 Models Own Jade Stone is one of my favourite nail polishes but lately it hasn't been getting used so I decided to use that as a base.  Two coats and it is perfect... though you can actually get away with just one coat! I then decided to add Models Own Indian Ocean because believe it or not I am not that in love with it, so I keep using it over different nail polishes in hope that I will eventually love it. I am thinking it may even end up in my upcoming blog sale!

Models Own Indian Ocean NOTD Glitter Tips

Lastly I just added two coats of Color Club Gingerbread to the tips of my nails. Gingerbread really is my favourite glitter at the moment... it is just amazing. Though sadly Colour Club isn't widely available in the UK so you can only find this nail polish on eBay for £8.99 plus p&p (here)

I really do love the combination of all three nail polish together, it just seems to work and look so pretty. 

 As for my 30 Day Nail challenge I have decided on suggestion of a few of you that read my blog that I am going to do it (starting August 1st) but only every other day... so not to ruin my nails! But now I don't know what to call it because it isn't even really a 15 day nail challenge!

Fee xo.

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