New Product - Balmi Lip Balms!

Balmi lip balm 

A totally new product today from a new brand - Balmi! 

Balmi are a entirely new range of lip balms which will be launching in Boots stores in August priced at £4.99.

 The Balmi Lip Balms of course bear a resemblance to the EOS lip balms (which you can actually find at  for £5.95 with free p&p) making them really easy to apply. I actually enjoy putting lip balm on when it is shaped like this... it sounds sad, but if you try one you will know what I mean. 

The new range consists of 5 Balmi lip balms (all SPF 15) - Strawberry, Coconut (shown), Blackcurrent, Mink and Raspberry. The packaging being all different colours for each different scent - so bright pink/red packaging for the strawberry flavour etc. You can find more about the new range on the Balmi website here.


The Balmi coconut lip balm is very holiday like and smells so good. It reminds me very much of The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter. It of course applies clear and isn't at all sticky, just smooth and hydrating. Also the domed shape of the lip balm means no having to apply this with your fingers, also it seems really nice & different to apply it in this way!

My only dislike about the product is the little key/phone attachment which makes me think the product is aimed at a much younger market even though the rest of the product doesn't appear that way. Though the cord does have the option to be removed - which I have done, so maybe it is a little fussy of me! 

Even though I do have the coconut one I will be trying out the strawberry flavour  when they hit the shelves next month! Also I am really hoping they add a cherry one and maybe some fun flavours like lemonade or even pina colada! 

Will you be trying out this new range of lip balms? 

Fee xo. 

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