Would You Take A Makeup Artist Course?


Today I wanted to talk about makeup classes! 
 I don't know about you but the most I have been taught about makeup has been all internet based. Yes, I own the odd makeup book and I have been learnt a few tricks from makeup artists on beauty counters. But my main source of knowledge comes from the internet.

Now the internet is amazing for learning about makeup... or should I sayYoutube is! With the likes of the Pixiwoo sister and Lisa Eldridge who are all very talented and offer such great videos. But surely a hands on makeup course can teach more due to being able to see techniques being applied in person and then trying them out yourself. Also of course I imagine it being very in depth, being taught about colour theory and how to achieve specific looks.

For me personally I would love to take a makeup course even though I don't have a desire to become a makeup artist, mainly so I could apply my own makeup perfectly (I still struggle with liquid eyeliner and contouring) and also so I could apply others makeup - something that is very hard to do well if you are only use to applying your own makeup I have found. 

In particular, make up artist courses from The Session School can go a long way towards achieving that goal of looking fab. The school offers a huge range of courses and even a £30 taster class!

I would love to hear your thoughts on taking a makeup course for your own personal practice. Would you ever consider taking one? 

Fee xo.

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