Stila Lip Trio Set from Direct Cosmetics

Stila Lip Trio

Today I have a bit of an exciting review... well for me anyway! Because I have discovered a website that you can purchase the NEW Stila bundles that you can normally find in TK Maxx which nine times out of ten someone has already opened and tried!!

But with buying online you get none of that! Just brand new lovely products for... wait for it... only £5.99. A pretty great price for three lovely lip products I personally think. 

The website is called Direct Cosmetics and there are two sets available, the Stila Lip Trio set (£5.99 here) which contains:  Stila High Shine Lip Color in Beatrice, Lip Shine in Sugar Shine 08 and Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain

Also the Stila Makeup Trio (£6.99 here) which contains: Stila Oil-free Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturiser in Dark, Perfecting Concealer in Shade A and Lip Pots Tinted Lip Balm in Mandarine. 

Stila High Shine Lip Color Beatrice

Be warned my reviews of these three lip products may contain a lot of 'lovely's' because I did just find everything to be lovely. From the packaging, to the shades, to the consistency - all just very lovely! 

So the first product in the trio is the Stila High Shine Lip Color in Beatrice which I'm tempted to say is my favourite out of the three products. Firstly how pretty is the packaging? So much detail and just very chic but girly. The shade is a lovely high shine red and I mean this really is high shine, it looks so glossy on the lips and isn't at all sticky like a lipgloss. Also being totally new to Stila lipsticks I didn't know about the amazing vanilla-y scent, very similar to the MAC lipsticks and a lovely touch. Very much impressed by this!

Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain

Okay this is actually my favourite product as I am a sucker for stains and love the shade of this and the lovely metallic red packaging. The Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain is one of those lovely fast drying gel products. On the lips this gives a nice dark (ish) cherry stain and on the cheeks it just gives a nice pink/red flush that blends in really well. It's lovely and smooth and I think equally as nice for summer as it would be for winter. 

My only slight disappointment with this was with how the product tasted.. of course you don't go eating the product from the tube, but from time to time you do lick your lips and it just tasted odd to me and a bit product-y. Though it you don't it just has a faint scent of cherries which is nice. I know I will definitely be using this a lot especially as a cheek stain!

Lip Shine Sugar Shine 08

Last but not least the Stila Lip Shine in Sugar Shine which is a pretty nice product but just not in the same league as the other two products. Maybe it's because it's a simple gloss but nothing really stood out for me, though the packaging is very cute. I will use this I'm sure, probably over pink lipsticks like my NYX Strawberry Milk lipstick to give a glossy finish. 

Overall I really am impressed at the value for money with this set and so glad it can be purchased online. The site also stocks a lot of other Stila products like the Lip Glazes stick for only £2.49 and there is even two Smudge Pots for £2.99! 

Direct Cosmetics also stock my favourite discontinued Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eyeshadows for £1.99 which are so lovely and last forever! I actually don't know why Bourjois ever discontinued them! Really so many bargains to be had. 

I now feel like I need to buy more Stila lips products especially the High Shine Lip Colors! 

Fee xo.

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