NOTD - Color Club Covered in Diamonds

Color Club Covered in Diamonds over black

What a difference a polish makes! Some of you may remember that I tried out this gorgeous nail polish only a few days ago over a shimmery aqua nail polish and just wasn't feeling it. 

So on recommendations in the comments (thank you!) I decided to try it over a black nail polish. 

What can I say but WOW. How much better does this top coat look than in my previous post (here)? It just looks amazing and I am so glad I decided to take all of your advice and try it over a black polish. It's like graphic galaxy nails!


For the base nail polish I used an Orly Mini in Black Out (£5.00 Boots) as it only needs two coats maximum and is so easy to apply. 
 I then left it for a good 10 minutes as the Color Club polish is quite thick so I wanted to make sure the base nail polish was fully dry before apply it. The after the first coat of Color Club Covered in Diamonds I waited another 10 minutes to make sure it was fully dry before adding the second coat. 

It was a bit time consuming but I hate when you spend the time painting your nails for the nail polish to be too thick and then you mess it up on something 20 minutes later because it's not fully dry!
Colour Club Covered in Diamonds NOTD 

Personally I prefer my nails with two coats of Covered in Diamonds as it really makes a statement but as I mentioned above it does take some time waiting for it to all dry! 

I am now thinking because I know it works so well over dark nail polish it will be a staple nail polish for me in winter because I will be able to wear it over dark taupe shades and dark reds and it will look lovely! But for summer I don't think I will be wearing it often. 

I did find 4 listings of this nail polish on Ebay with the cheapest being £8 including p&p - here if you do want to get your hands on it! 

I've recently had a few comments on where you can buy Colour Club nail polishes from in the UK and sadly the brand isn't really around except for on eBay. 

However this nail polish did come from a set that I found in TK Maxx so if you are super lucky you may come across some sets there! 

Fee xo. 

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