Ebay Bargain - Eco Tools Brush Sets for under £4!

Ecol Tools 5 piece set

I purchased this Ecotools set a few weeks ago on eBay for the amazing price of £3.78 (listing here) but the retail price is £19.99 from Boots. So a huge saving! 

Before I get into rambling I think they main question for most people would want to know is if the set is fake or not. My answer is I really don't know and I have really compared the packaging to the stock image photo on the Boots website and I really cannot spot any differences but I think I could only say the set was or wasn't fake if I compared the two sets in a boots store. Though personally I find the set I received very good quality and exactly like the existing Eco Tool brushes I already own
Also I have read quite a few blog posts that mention the huge mark up on Eco tools in the UK compared to other countries especially America where Eco Tools are around half the price compared to the UK. So some people do think that buying direct from China is how the prices of the Ecol Tools can be so cheap on eBay. I am not too sure on this but you never know!

Eco Tools bargain ebay

But for me I actually don't mind as I was just looking for a handy travel sized set of brushes that were nice quality and I know I couldn't get any better than this set for only £4.00. 

The 5 piece brush set contains - Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Baby Kabuki, Cosmetic Bag. 

So far I have been enjoying the powder brush and the baby kabuki brush the most, mainly because they are so so soft and really lovely to use. I also know that I will definitely take them with me if I am travelling anywhere as I only tend to have large powder brushes. The baby kabuki I have been using with my Nars Laguna bronzer for quick contouring in the morning and I just love the size of it - very cute. 

I have also been using the eye shading brush to blend out concealer and it has been working really well and actually better than the one I used to use by Sigma. 


As you can see I did try to compare the handles however the full size brushes I have realised are made of slightly darker bamboo and also don't contain the eco tools logo so I can't compare them to see if the set is or isn't fake. However the metal part is definitely identical to the set I purchased from Boots. 

You can also buy a full sized 5 piece Eco Tools brush set from the same seller (I actually bought this set from Boots at full price) for only £3.98 - here. Amazing value!

The same seller also stocks the full size Eco Tools Foundation Brush for £2.58 - here

All free p&p but they do take around 2 weeks to arrive as they are from China.

All in all I'm not sure if the brush set is fake as there isn't any tell tale signs and the quality of the brushes are amazing. But you can never be too sure. But if you are looking to add a few more brushes to your collection or want some good travel brushes then this set is a must! 

Such a bargain!

Fee xo. 

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