Favourite Hair Styling Products

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Over time I have become a hair product junkie! I have now tried endless amounts of products and even have a whole box full of styling, heat, conditioning products for my hair. But more than anything I love my styling products that just finish off the hair making it look glossy, smooth and healthy. 

So here are my current most used products that I like to style my hair with.

Naked Style More Volume Body Building Mousse £3.99/150ml (here) - I did use to be a mousse user many many years ago and used the classic Vo5 mousse but over time I felt that it stop working for me and nine times out of ten when hair felt like it had product in it by feeling a bit crispy or weighed down so I gave it up. But for the past few months when I have been wearing my hair down just blow dried to being fairly straight I have been using the Naked Body Building Mousse and I have been really enjoying it. Firstly I think this is the first time I have thought that a hair mousse has smelt super nice... a bit like bubblegum actually! Also it's the been refreshing to use a mousse that gives good root volume without that crispy feeling and with it being silicone free I don't feel that build up anymore. If you are into using mousses (I know you either are or you aren't) then this is just a more natural, fun and updated one to use! 

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil £7.50/25ml (here)-  This beauty came with the February Glossy Box (review of box - here) and I am just in love! I have been using it on both wet hair all over and on dry hair just at the tips and it's just been great. The oil does come out as quite thick but once rubbed between the palm and through the hair the oil feels so light weight. I use this when I want really sleek straight looking hair with no fly aways and it definitely does the job. I am also so in love with the scent.. I didn't think I liked ginger that much but this is a sweet ginger that is just divine and makes the hair smell so good.  I actually want this scent as a room spray!

Sleek Fish High Gloss Serum £4.99/50ml (here) - This product has made my hair the most shiniest hair it has ever ever been! I apply this to the length/ends of dry hair and it's just amazing.. I can't even describe it, so I'm not even going to try, but if you love having super gloss hair that shines amazing amounts then this is sooooo the product to go for. It is that good that I strangely have started to use it down the fronts of my legs to add shine when I am wearing a dress as it's non-sticky and the shine really does highlight the fronts of my legs (I found this out because the product always makes my palms shiny after using it). I really am very impressed with this product and may even do a full review with actual before and after hair pictures as I love it that much.Oh, and it smells slightly like playdoh!

Percy & Reed Finishing Polish 100ml (free gift) - With using so many oils it is sometimes nice to go back to using a cream product and this Percy & Reed product that I got free with Glamour magazine a bit ago is what I like to use. This doesn't do amazing things but it does smooth and groom unruly hair and it keeps the hair that way for most of the day. But it is just a nice product to use being a cream and smells a bit minty and yummy.

KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray £2.50/30ml (here) - This doesn't feel as light or as natural as all the other products I have mentioned but I felt it deserved to be mentioned as it has a lot of strength to it and can hold the style that you do to your hair really well, until the next wash even. I normally only use this when I want to use my Babyliss conical wand or Babyliss Wavy Envy and I apply it to towel dried hair. This just keeps the shape of my style really well and I know my hair isn't going to drop during the day (well unless it gets rained on). It does smell chemically and probably doesn't contain the best ingredients but it definitely does the job and I find it works much better than using hairspray after styling the hair with heat.

 Would love to know what your favourite hair styling product is but you can only pick one!

Fee xo.

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