NOTD - Max Factor Graffiti & Colour Club Covered in Diamonds

Max Factor Graffiti

Nail time again! 

With a nail polish I bought at the same time as I bought Fantasy Fire but hadn't got round to trying until now.. tut tut. I truly don't use 80% of my nail polishes as I have so many now. 

Max Factor Graffiti (Boots £3.99 - here) is what I would call a mermaid shade - an aqua marine shimmery nail polish. However I must admit this is quite similar to a 2True Crystal nail polish I have tried (Superdrug £1.99) though they would slightly differ if you compared them side by side I imagine, but shimmer and application wise they are really similar.


 I found the aqua shade a tiny bit bland on it's own I decided to add a top coat and went for Colour Club Covered in Diamonds as I have been dying to try it out ever since I got my hands on it in the Color Club set of glitters and holographic polishes.

As you can see from the below images the nail polish is a clear base with plastic looking flexs that are all different shades and shapes with clear ones in the mix.I actually found out the little particles are in fact the same material as what fake snow is made out of!

Colour Club Covered in Diamonds

Color Club Covered in Diamonds sooo wasn't what I was expecting, especially how it has an almost 3D aspect to it with how the flex stand up off the nail. But I am not sure if the Max Factor brings out the best in it at all. I imagine it would look so much better over a gold nail polish and it would really show off the differ flecks. 

 The one downside to the nail polish is that is does apply like a stick on liquid glue, the kind with the brush in the lid, just sticky and too thick. So you really do have to work with it as best you can, but at least it does have a clear base so it isn't messy looking.

Overall Color Club pretty top coat - Yay. Max Factor aqua shimmery nail polish - meh. 
Now I can't wait to take off my nail polish and try out the Colour Color polish over a better shade to show it off. 

Fee xo. 

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