NOTD - Rimmel Azure

Rimmel NOTD

Today I thought I would do a short but not very sweet post on a nail polish that I actually dislike! 

The images are quite old as I took them some months ago and decided I really didn't like the shade so I decided to not write a nail of the day post about the polish. But decided when I came across the images again that it was a bit silly as some people may like it and some may agree that it is a bit of an odd shade. 

I think what it is I don't like about it is the pearl finish it has and also how it doesn't look very shiny at all, more like a semi-matte nail polish. I think though at a push I would wear this on my toes in summer but still it's just nothing amazing. But like all Rimmel nail polishes the application cannot be faulted, especially with the nice brush that Rimmel nail polishes do have. 

So sadly this isn't one for me and will either to going to my niece, in a blog sale or to charity! 

What do you think? Would you buy Rimmel Azure? 

Fee xo.

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