Topshop Mixed Metals Nail polish Trio

Topshop Mixed Metals Nail Polish Set

Today I thought I'd talk about a lovely nail polish trio from Topshop that I received for Christmas! 
The Topshop Mixed Metal Nail Polish set is £12 and comes in a clear zip pouch with a nice drawn-on bow (good for keeping hair ties and clips in afterwards). 

The three mini shades in the mixed metal set are - Heart of Gold (a light gold metallic), Eyes of Steel (silver/lilac metallic), Glimmer (a bright bronze metallic). 

Topshop Heart of Gold nail polish

First I must say I really do like all the names of the Topshop nail polishes - I am partial to a catchy nail polish name and it sometimes plays quite a large part in my nail polish buying so I was glad to see Topshop have tried at least. 

As for the first of the three nail polishes Heart of Gold is a pale but bright gold metallic shade that only needs two coats. This like all three polishes applies so well, which is down to the metallic formula that isn't patchy in the least and has a rather good brush. The only down side (which is the same with all three polishes) is that the metallic formula even though it applies really well does show up any imperfections in the nails. Which is why you can slightly see the ridges in my nails and you can see a few brush strokes as well.

On the whole this is a really pretty pale gold shade that is quite simple and will suit every skin tone. 

Topshop Eyes of Steel Nail polish

Now Eyes of Steel was the one shade I was really excited about in this set as I have nothing that comes close to this shade and have never actually seen a shade like it (though I'm sure there are many). The image is pretty close to how it looks in real life... just a lovely frosty lilac silver metallic polish that looks so so pretty on the nails. You can also buy this (and the other polishes) separate from the trio set for £6 - here!

I'm not entirely sure if this suits my pale skin but I can't say I care as it's so pretty and unique! 

Topshop Glimmer Nail Polish

Glimmer is my least favourite out of the three because it's quite a generic shade and I own two other very similar nail polishes. Also it does seem to show up imperfections in the nails the most out of the three polishes for some reason, even though the formulas are all the same. But if you don't own anything similar to this then I would say this is the best one to go for as sometimes bronze metallic polishes can take quite a few coats to become opaque. 

The full sized polishes retail for £6 each so you are saving a small amount seeing as they are mini bottles and not full-size. So I do think the set is slightly over-priced for what it is and I would prefer to spend £12.00 on a mini OPI set really. Having said that I really do like the shades in the set and I was really impressed with the brush and easy to apply formula.

Whilst on the subject of nails I thought I would share with you a bit of a challenge I will be giving myself in March. As I know a lot of people do like seeing nail posts and nail art I thought I would challenge myself to posting a Nail of the Day post or Nail Art post, daily! 

I'm not sure what my nails will think of this, but I do paint my nails quite a lot as it is but then hardly ever show the. So this can count as Day 1!

Fee xo.

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