One Hit and One Definite Miss with L'Oreal!


On a recent trip to the supermarket I got slightly distracted by all the makeup (I actually spent more on beauty products than on food!) and decided to brave using the testers as they were all fairly new looking. I did initially want to purchase the new Rimmel Wake Up foundation, which I am sure I will still buy. But the new offerings from L'Oreal just caught my eye more. 

So of course I gave in and added the 15th foundation to my collection with L'Oreal Lumi Magique! 

My ideal foundation is light in coverage but just enough to even out the skin and for it look radiant. But I do like a foundation that is buildable so that I can apply a little extra to the T-zone were I feel I have visible pores. Also it is important that it doesn't cling to any dry skin... as I tend to get a dry patches on my nose for some reason. 

foundation swatch

Now I didn't even now L'Oreal had come out with a new foundation or BB cream... I hadn't seen an advert or press release for it and I have never tried a single foundation from L'Oreal. So I was taking a bit of a risk just purchasing it on a whim. But as soon as I swatched the lightest shade I just knew that 1) it was a really good match for my skin 2) it was a lovely formula, nice, light and dewy. 

Of course the swatch above doesn't show much, but if you like a light, dewy finish then this will be perfect for you... I am thinking a definite spring foundation! The formula is quite thin and spreads over the face really well with either the fingers or a brush so only 1-2 pumps are needed at the most. 

I am actually thinking this rivals my beloved Bourjois Health Mix foundation on the luminous/healthy glow front as like the bottle states it does give that 'lit from within' effect even thought I hate to agree with such a cheesy statement. Overall I am really just so impressed, it ticks all the right boxes for me and I know I will be wearing this all spring to give me that healthy glow without any hint of orange going on!

At the moment L'Oreal products are on 3 for 2 at Boots and the Lumi Magique Foundation is £10.99 (here) and comes in 6 shades (slightly limited but good if you are fair to medium/tanned). However I actually purchased the foundation for an introductory price of £7.99 at Tesco.
But if you aren't convinced with my review then you can actually request a free sample over on the UK L'Oreal Facebook page - here. I'm thinking you can even select the shade that you want as well!


The other product from L'oreal that I swatched and instantly disliked was the new Nude Magique BB cream. Now this is one very strange product... 
The product comes in two shades one for fair skin tones and one for medium (no 3rd darker shade for some reason) so I of course tried out the lighter one. Now this is apparently has 'smart pigment capsules' in it so that is adapts to your skin tone and all that yadda. So I tried a little on the back of my hand and this odd grey quite thin runny cream came out. I then preceded to rub in the BB cream and as I rubbed it just seemed to go darker and darker. At which point my boyfriend looked down at my hand and said 'what is that?!' as it was so orange against my own skin.

Of course I can't really fully judge a product on one swatch so if you want to know what BB cream lover Miss Budget Beauty thought of L'Oreal's first (and hopefully last) BB cream then you can have a read of that - here.

 But I have to give it to L'Oreal as they are coming out with some great products at the moment. Especially their new mascara and precision pen eyeliner... just great! As well as their new foundation which I went on about for far too long. 

Also in the new Lumi Magique range they do have a primer which I am very tempted to try out now! Fingers crossed it will be as good as the foundation! 

Fee xo.

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