Max Factor Colour Elixir, Lip swatches and Guerlain!


Now for some reason in my head I don't think I like lipstick all that much... so I don't really blog about them (well hardly ever). But reality tells me otherwise, as I wear lipstick almost daily and I own over 80 lip products?!

So I am thinking it is about time I admit that I have some kind of hidden interest in lipstick... I mean I strongly dislike toner so have only ever tried a few, I also don't like full coverage foundation so I don't own any... and then there in my huge collection of lipsticks. It doesn't make any sense really! For that reason I have decided I am going to start featuring more lip products on my blog with actual on the lip swatches because I think it's really important to actually see the shade on the lips to give an idea of the true shade and finish (though it is always going to vary from person to person). 

The first lipstick that I wanted to start off with is one that I have been wearing a lot this winter as it's deep but not too deep (a light wine/ berry shade) and lovely and moisturising, which is something I 100% need when it's cold out!  

Max Factor lipstick in Mulberry

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Mulberry is priced slightly over what I would normally spend at £7.99 (Boots - here) but there really is nothing I can fault and was definitely worth the price for the wonderful quality. As you can see from the finish it is a hydrating lipstick so it does have a slight sheen/frost to it, which I personally like as wine matte shades can look a little flat sometimes and are of course more drying on the lips. 

Something that really impressed me though was how long the shade lasts on the lips, as with it being quite hydrating I wasn't excepting a lot. But it literally lasts through eating and drinking which I was amazed at when I first tried it out. 


Which does make me think I should buy Ruby Tuesday (a vivid red shade) as I am always so conscious of eating whilst wearing red lipstick as it does have a tendency to somehow transfer onto your face... which isn't the sexiest of looks. So as these last so well I think a blot after applying Ruby Tuesday would be all I would need for it to stay in place. I would also like maybe a nice pink nude shade for spring which I am sure they do with over 15 shades now in the Colour Elixir range.


I also really like to wear Mulberry with Guerlains Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine in Pomme Du Desir (£16.00 at Debenhams) which in the tube/packaging looks like such an odd glittery gloss, one I imagine quite few people buy due to the lime ting. But on the lips over different lipsticks it is so pretty. It just catches the light so beautifully and can transform any lipstick into something quite unique. The only downside is that it is quite gritty feeling, but that is by the by with such a pretty lip gloss that can be worn over so many different lipsticks. 

So for my first ever lip post how did I do?
I can't say I have the terminology down... as I don't know all the different finishes of lipsticks but then again I am supposed to not be a lover of lipstick! 

Hope you enjoyed the post. 

Fee xo.


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