Ban The Beige!

Foundation samples

Now this isn't a rant as such... okay maybe it is slightly. But it is something that has annoyed me for some time now and I felt I needed to get it off my chest.

I'm talking BEIGE foundation samples in magazines, ladies! Just WHY?! 

Of course these beige samples will suit a large portion of people (I am guess) but what about the rest of us that are lighter and darker than beige? Surely it would make more sense to have a random mix of samples in magazine so you can either - have a shifty look through the other copies of the magazine you are buying to find a sample shade that is close to your skin tone. Or even if you didn't really care at least you would stumble across a foundation sample that would be able to try out now and again!

 So out of curiosity I decided to swatch a few foundation samples to see if I could possibly try the foundation on my actually face without looking like an oompa loompa or and extra from Geordie Shore.

Foundation sample swatches chanel clarins

As you can see err, there is a slight difference in the foundation swatches and my own skin, but to be fair I am very pale in winter. But still I would have ZERO chance of trying any of these out on my face... I would literally look like I was wearing a face mask! 

But maybe the brands have done their research into what foundation shade is most purchased, which is always around the 'beige' region.  

Or maybe I am just being unrealistic and it would cost them too much to provide different shades for free foundation sample, seeing as they do have to pay to place the samples into the magazines in the first place.

I just think things like this need to evolve and change a bit! Variation is good and it means that at least some of the time we will find a foundation sample that we can try! 

Would actually love to know if anyone matches up with the 'beige' foundation samples quite well. 

Fee xo.


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