Project Use Up!


I have got to confess I have a problem with rotating the products I use which I did see as a good thing and it still is when it comes to makeup as nothing gets neglected (expect for eye shadows when using my Naked palettes!). 

But when it comes down to skincare and body products I just have so many products that just sticking to one or two just isn't a good thing as I NEVER finish anything. I now have a large storage box containing all my products which is over spilling with full to half empty products. Hence Project Use Up!  

So my aim is to select a handful of products at the start of each month that I want to use up and I plan to do this by only using them products until they are totally gone, then I can move onto something new. 

Here are the products I want to use up by the end of February (the bronzer of course will take long)...


Korres Guava Body Butter 50ml - This came in a Boudoir Prive box a  few months ago now and before then I didn't have a clue what Guava smelt like but I can confirm it is delicious! I have been using this on and off in my arms before bed but really want to use it up so I can think about either buying the full-size version or asking for it for my birthday which is in May.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Skin Toner 100g - I have been re-purchasing this for a few years now but have sadly got a bit bored of it and my skin seems to have got too used to it, so I want to use it up for I can re-use the bottle for a homemade toner and also many look at other toners Lush have to offer.

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation in Creamy Ivory 30ml - This is my second bottle and I have to say it is one of my favourite foundations (but for summer) however I own way too many foundations so I want to slowly work through a few of them and reduce my collection slightly.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder in shade 51 16.5g - This is another total favourite that I use everyday however I want to use it up so I can re-purchase it again but in the slightly darker shade for summer using it as a contour powder. I think seeing as I have 'hit pan' now by summer I will have nearly used it all up.


Cetaphil Moisturising Cream 100g - I do quite like this cream but I like the large bottle of moisturising lotion better which is a very similar price I'm sure. So this needs to be used up to make space in my over flowing box of products.

Batiste Nude Dry Shampoo 50g - I bought this wanting to be a bit more Eco-friendly as it is a 100% natural powder however compared to the cans of Batiste it is just boring. It definitely does the job but it's just a boring product with no smell.

Neom Complete Bliss Organic Hand Lotion in Moroccan Blush Rose 60ml - This actually came as part of a set so it is a smaller size than normal. I do use it a lot but really the scent isn't my thing... I really don't like that spiced rose smell. So I think I am going to use it up and either be good and start using up another hand cream or maybe treat myself to a Neom hand lotion but in a nicer scent as it is such a lovely none greasy hand lotion. 
So there you have it, all the products I want to use up this month. At the start of March I will do an update to see if I actually managed to use everything up and also what products I want to use up that month with maybe 10 products to give myself a bit of a challenge! 

If you have an 'empties' or used up product posts I would love to see them so I can get a bit inspired and encouragement ! 

Fee xo.

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