Going Organic & an Exclusive Neom Offer!


As some of you may know since I started Makeup Savvy I have been slowly getting into organic products and I have also become more aware of different ingredients that I avoid even down to the deodorant I use! 

But as I now use so many natural/organic products that when I come to using normal every day products i.e normal hand soap when I am out, conditioner, hair spray, candles. They just seem to be either too strong in scent or they just don't feel that great. So for that reason I have decided to slowly incorporate more organic products into my routine so that hopefully by the end of 2012 I will only be using organic products minus makeup as I really cannot imagine sacrificing all my lovely makeup and there just isn't the range or quality with organic cosmetics yet. So I can been recently trying out more natural/organic products from brands such as Green People, Neom Organics, Yes To, Korres and Balance Me. 


So every week I have decided I am going to review/mention organic products I am been trying & buying and so I thought I would start that off by talking about some Neom products as I really do truly love the brand. 

Also Neom kindly offered to provide me with an exclusive code for Makeup Savvy readers so if you are planning on spending over £40 at Neom you receive a FREE Rebalance Travel Candle worth £13 free! 

Code: makeupsavvy
Discount: Free Rebalance Travel Candle with orders of £40 or more
Expires:19th February 
Offer is limited to the first 30 orders. 
Redeem at: http://neomorganics.com/

Firstly if you want a bit of an explanation as to why I prefer organic candles/recommend them you can read this post here. As I really think it matters and may explain why organic candles are worth the money. But on to this travel candle (the one above) which if you use the discount code will be free OR at the moment it has been reduced to only £8 (here) which I think is pretty damn good seeing as this candle does last quite some time and is just lovely! 

The Rebalance candle is quite an uplifting candle that apparently works as an anti-depressant (not sure on that one!) and is also good for using if you have a cold or are generally just under the weather. I actually used this last week whilst having a bath as I had a really bad headache and normally any smells when I have a headache just annoy me/make it worse. But this was actually quite soothing especially when I blew the candle out and the scent became stronger - did actually surprise me how much better it made me feel. 

But I also find this just a nice candle to have on at night when I am blogging or reading a magazine as it's slightly spicy, warm and relaxing.


As for bath and shower products I just have so many natural/organic/SLS-free ones! But in the last few months I have been trying all different alternative products such as natural bath bombs, bath salts and shower/bath oils to mix things up a bit. So it has been really nice trying out all the different bath/shower oils that Neom offer. 

The little set contains 5 x 5ml bottles with each bottle having a different purposes. The only down side is you don't get much usage out of each bottle as they are quite small - I found one would do a single bath or if using as a shower oil (which you apply to the skin pre-shower) I could get two uses from it which I prefer to do.   

So far I have only used 2 and a bit bottles but my favourite has been 'Restore' for first thing in the morning which I use in the shower or 'Tranquillity' for at night time which I have used up now. But I used half of it in a bath and the rest I actually dabbed onto my neck before bed a few times and it definitely helped me to relax a bit, which I also found to be an nice alternative way of using it and of course it makes the oils last a lot longer.


Sadly the Bath Oil set is out of stock at the moment on the Neom website but you can find it at Look Fantastic for £15.00 -here.

As I love Neom so much I am already planning my next purchase which is going to be the the Tranquillity: Perfect Sleep Kit (here) which contains a 5oml organic pillow mist and my beloved Organic Multi-balm for only £10! I already have the Neom multi balm which I use almost daily for all sorts (cuticles, dry skin, lips, eyebrows even!) so I definitely need another one. Plus I am hoping the pillow mist will help me sleep a bit better. So this is going to be a little Valentine's Day present to myself. I really do recommend the multi-balm though if you can find it as part of a set as they sadly don't sell it on there own. 

So if you are planning on spending a bit on the Neom website make sure you use my code before 19th Feb! 

Also if any of you can recommend me good organic brands that would be great as I really want to start buying more and more organic body products to see what I like and don't like. 

Fee xo.

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